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Property Tax

Taxes are due annually on the last business day of August. 


Penalty on arrears is calculated at 1.25% per month commencing September 1. Penalties are calculated and added on the first day of each month that the taxes remain unpaid.

Utility Bill Information

Utilities are billed and due quarterly.  Seasonal utilities are billed annually.


Penalty on arrears is calculated at 1 1/4% per month. Penalties are calculated and added on the first day of each month that the utilities remain unpaid.

Property Tax & Utility Payment Options

The Town of Winnipeg Beach accepts the following types of payments: Cheque, Debit, Cash, Direct Deposit (if your bank is a vendor), Telpay Online and e-transfer.  CREDIT CARDS are not accepted.

  • AT THE MUNICIPAL OFFICE- 29 Robinson, Winnipeg Beach, MB
  • BY MAIL- P.O. Box 160, Winnipeg Beach, MB  R0C 3G0
  • DEBIT - please ensure that your debit limit is sufficient to cover the outstanding tax amount
  • INSTALLMENT PAYMENTS- Monthly payments can be made either by coming into the Municipal Office or by mailing in post dated cheques or by monthly direct deposits. TIPPS program is NOT available.
  • TELPAY ON-LINE- using your Roll Number as your account number. **No Matter where you Bank! Just follow instructions at bottom of page!
  • E-TRANSFER - Please email - indicate your "Property Roll#" reflected on your tax bill in the message. The password MUST BE Blank.

Please make cheques payable to Town of Winnipeg Beach and be sure to write the Roll # or civic address on the cheque when making payment so as to ensure payment is applied to the correct property.

NOTE: Payments will be processed the actual day RECEIVED by the Town of Winnipeg Beach.

**To avoid late fees if paying by: cheque please send a post dated cheque, Internet Banking/Telpay/e-transfer -allow 3-4 business days. Also for your convenience, there is a mailbox located at the entrance of the Municipal Office for those who are unable to pay during office hours.

Online Instructions

  1. Complete Payments Application Form 
    - Choose "yes” to "Would you like to make a payment now?”
  2. Verify Account and Process Payment
    To process your payment and verify account, TelPay will email you a customer Access Number within a day and will make a small deposit into your bank account to be used as your initial PIN number (within 2-3 business days). For added security, this small deposit verifies that you are authorized to access the account provided.
  3. Finalize Pending Payment and Account Setup
    - visit Winnipeg Beach Taxes or Water website and click on the TelPay button. Log on with your Access Number and enter the deposit amount as your initial PIN. This one-time step completes any pending payment made during the application process and confirms your TelPay account.

    Once you have signed up for an account, all future payments to Winnipeg Beach Taxes or Water can be made by visiting website and click on the TelPay button, log on with your Access Number and PIN. For more information on TelPay, please call 1-800-665-0302 or visit

Paying On-Line

The Town of Winnipeg Beach allows for ratepayers to pay their taxes on-line. To do this  please click on icon. You will then use your Roll Number, without the decimal, as the account number. The account number must be a total of 9 digits. For example:

  • If you have a Roll # with 4 digits such as 1234 - you would enter 001234000
  • If you have a Roll # with 5 digits such as 12345 - you would enter 012345000
  • If you have a Roll # with 6 digits such as 123456 - you would enter 123456000

If you are paying online, please ensure you notify the Town of Winnipeg Beach if your name is NOT on Title or Tax Statement. If we cannot verify payment it will be returned and you may be charged penalties!

Please contact our office should you have any questions or concerns at (204)389-2698.

Online Payments for Taxes