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For answers to the most frequently asked questions about Winnipeg Beach, please click on a question below:

The cost for a tax certificate is $40

You are required to apply to the town office for a permit to install a new access or driveway. An application fee of $100 and deposit of $500 is applied toward the site inspection prior to and after installation. 

If approved,  you may hire a contractor to do this work for you providing the Contractor holds a valid Town Business Licence. 

Please contact the Town Office for more information.

Taxes are due the last business day in August.

Yes we accept post dated cheques.

No, the tax bills are printed by Intergovernmental Affairs and will be mailed out once a year.

Payment was likely received after the last business day in August. Payment MUST be received by the last business day in August to prevent late payment charges. 

A penalty is automatically applied on the first business day of the month. 

Taxes are at par until the last business day in August. A penalty of 1.25% will be charged on arrears at the beginning of every month.

Yes, a dog licence is required for every dog over the age of 3 months residing in the Town of Winnipeg Beach. 

All dogs are required to have a valid rabies vaccination certificate. The cost of the licence is $15/yr of the dog has been spayed or neutered, and $40/yr if not. 

You can purchase a boardwalk brick at the town office for $75. Forms are available at the town office or click the link to print.

You can register with our website by clicking here and we will be sure to send you regular updates about events and activities.

Yes, Town Flags are available for sale at the Town Office, please call (204) 389-2698 for availability and pricing.