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Town of Winnipeg Beach Policy on Snow Clearing

Date Posted: Oct 11, 2019

The Town of Winnipeg Beach has a snow clearing policy which sets the priorities for clearing snow: The Town will mobilize snow clearing equipment as soon as possible after snow has fallen. Major snow clearing will take place when three to five inches has fallen. The core area of the downtown streets will be cleared first. After this is completed, the **main collectors, school bus routes, secondary collectors, back lanes and sidewalks will be cleared. **The main collectors are Prospect Street, Ash Avenue, Eaton Street, Stroll Way and Park Avenue The windrows left behind on driveway approaches on the front streets, either on the main collectors or secondary collectors, will be removed by the town equipment after all streets and sidewalks have been cleared. Due to lane width and potential for damage to private property, windrows left behind by the snow clearing equipment in the back lanes will not be removed. Additional Info: The practice of leaving snow on the road and/or shoulders while cleaning private lanes and driveways creates hazardous driving conditions and promotes the formation of snow drifts. The Town is asking for homeowners cooperation to make our roads safer. Additionally, we asks residents to refrain from depositing snow near culvert openings. Frozen snow in culverts can create problems during the spring thaw. Terri Costa-Acting CAO Town of Winnipeg Beach

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