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Date Posted: Mar 25, 2020

We have had a high call volume regarding flushing down Kleenex (i.e. facial tissue, wipes, rags etc.) down the toilet due to absence and high demand of toilet paper with COVID-19. Under no circumstance should anyone flush anything down their toilet other than toilet paper. Kleenex does not break down in water the same way toilet paper does. They do not hold the same properties. Individuals on the low-pressure sewer system, Kleenex can clog up your service line to septic tank, plug up check valve, or even impellor on the bottom of a submersible pump and cause an overflow. It can also plug up our main sewer lines! Individuals on gravity sewer system should never flush anything other than toilet paper down their toilet; flushed Kleenex can cause clogs and other serious plumbing issues. It can also plug up our main sewer lines! Recommendations: If you are in dire need and do not have any toilet paper, you can use Kleenex, however, throw it in the trash. Did you know in other countries they cannot flush toilet paper down the toilet and throw it in the trash? Stay Safe and Healthy! Raven Sharma BSc., B.A., GSc. Utilities Operations Manager (204) 641-2598

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