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Date Posted: Feb 14, 2020

The Town of Winnipeg Beach Utility Department will be flushing their water system today February 14th, 2020. Please note that water may turn brown, and discoloration of water may be present. Flushing the water mains improves water quality by removing sediment that slowly builds up at the bottom of the water main overtime. The sediment comes from internal corrosion of the water mains over many years. The Town of Winnipeg Beach water treatment plant disinfects (chlorination and ultra violet and treats bacteria; coliform, e.coli, and fecal coliform. Iron has become more a problem in the chemistry of the water table, this can cause iron bacteria. Iron bacteria feeds off of magnesium and calcium. Chlorination can kill iron bacteria. If you are experiencing a change in your water (smell, discoloration etc.) please call the utility department (204-641-2598) for more information on how you can eliminate iron bacteria. Thank you, Raven Sharma BSc., B.A., GSc. Town of Winnipeg Beach Utilities Operations Manager (204) 641-2598

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