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Date Posted: May 16, 2019

Now that spring is upon us and the weather is improving, the Winnipeg Beach Fire Department would like to provide you with a few fire safety tips for the warm months ahead. As per the Town of Winnipeg Beach Recreational Fire By-Law: • Burning of stumps, trees, logs, brush, grass, straw, shavings or refuse of any kind is prohibited under the By-Law. • A recreational fire is defined by: o A circle of stones or bricks, maximum 4 (four) feet in diameter o An incinerator made of metal or brick and stone, maximum 3 (three) feet square or diameter with a metal grill or lid. o A bonfire is a controlled fire within a circle of stones or brick and a maximum height of flames of 4 (four) feet. Tips for a safe bonfire: • Make sure the fire is attended to by a responsible person at all times • Have pails of water on hand or a garden hose ready by the fire • Ensure the fire is completely out before leaving. This can be done by dousing thoroughly with water, stirring the remains and dousing thoroughly again. • Make sure your fire pit is located away from structures, decks, bushes, and overhead trees. For more information on Recreational Burning or to view the By-law, please contact the Town of Winnipeg Beach Office. On behalf of the Fire Department we wish everyone a fire safe and enjoyable summer.

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