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Date Posted: Jun 11, 2018

Septic System Maintenance WHAT ARE SEPTIC TANKS AND HOW DO THEY WORK? Your septic tank serves as a settling basin where solids accumulate and gradually get broken down by bacterial action. Some of the solid waste is actually liquefied by this "natural bacterial decomposition", however the remainder of the waste accumulates in the bottom as a layer of sludge. Additionally, a small percentage of this waste (mostly fats and oils) float to the top of the tank to form a layer of semi-solid scum. As a property owner, please ensure that you know the size or your septic tank. If you do not know, please call the utilities department at 204-894-0814 and our utilities manager can assist you and explain how your septic tank works. Septic tanks should be pumped out on a regular basis to avoid sanitary overflows and/or emergency pump outs. During two three-week periods each year the town offers pump outs at a reduced rate with Allstar Environmental; once in June and a second in September/October. Note that the provincial standard suggests that septic tanks be pumped every 1 to 3 years. You can reference the province’s Homeowners Manual for Onsite Wastewater Management Systems at the following link: A reminder to all residents to review and be in compliance with the Town of Winnipeg Beach Sanitation and Solid Waste By-Law No.1/2010, which can be found on the Town of Winnipeg Beach Website PUMPS Unless written authorization is obtained from the town, all above ground pumps shall be a minimum 1/3 hp, to maximum 1/2 hp end suction centrifugal units designed expressly for septic effluent. • For submersible pumps: shut off head 203 kPA (65 ft). • For above ground centrifugal pumps: shut off head 173 kPA (58 ft). • Each pump discharge must be equipped with an approved ball type check valve (to prevent sewage backup from the sewer main lines), and a shut off valve (i.e., bronze ball type) to provide positive shutoff to allow for maintenance or replacement of the check valve or pump. • Valves must be suitable for septic tank effluent and minimum 4800 kPA working pressure for above ground pumps and a ball valve curb stop non-draining type for submersible pumps, and a stainless steel shaft service box. All electrical equipment or float switches must be approved by CSA and installation must conform to the Canadian Electrical code and Manitoba Hydro Standards. A weather proof disconnect switch must be installed outside the septic tank manhole. DOES YOUR SEWER CURB STOP WORK? The sewer curb stop (shut off) should be in working condition. In the event of malfunction, sanitary overflow, and/or emergency pump out, the curb stop will isolate flow from the Town of Winnipeg Beach Low pressure system. SOLID WASTE – SUITABLE CONTAINERS Did you know that containers for solid waste MUST meet the following requirements? • galvanized metallic material or approved rust-resistant and be water tight; • a durable plastic container with tight fitting lid and handles; • not larger than 762 millimetres in height and 508 millimeters in width; • or a capacity not exceeding 0.14 cubic meters, weighing not more than 11 kilograms (24.25 pounds); • must be equipped with a tight fitting cover and handles. Covered metal containers (as approved by utilities operations) of a size and type suitable for mechanically dumping into collection vehicles. Such containers must be used in all locations where the quantity of solid waste equals or exceeds 1.5 cubic meters per week and where suitable conditions exist for mechanical collections. Please ... do not deposit feminine products, diapers or hand towels in toilet! Save Lake Winnipeg and do not flush down cleaning and washing products that contain phosphorus! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Have a safe and fun summer. Raven Sharma Shariot BSc., B.A. Town of Winnipeg Beach Utilities Operations Manager 204-641-2598

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