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Septic Tank Waste

Date Posted: Nov 26, 2020

THE TOWN OF WINNIPEG BEACH MUNICIPAL LAGOON November 26th, 2020 SEPTIC TANK WASTE (SEPTAGE) Manitoba Conservation and Climate is the authorizing agency in regards to the operation of municipal lagoons with the Province of Manitoba. The Town of Winnipeg Beach is allowed to operate its municipal lagoon under Environmental License # 3165. Clause # 26 of said license provides that the licensee shall not discharge septage in the development (lagoon) between the 15th day of October of any year and the 1st day of June the following year. Septage in the license is defined as the sludge produced in individual wastewater disposal systems in septic tanks. This clause needs to be clearly understood and followed by property owners, contractors and septic haulers that use the lagoon. Sewage from holding tanks can be dumped into the lagoon year- round. Only the liquid side of a septic tank can be pumped between October 15th and June 1st each year. The Town of Winnipeg Beach lagoon is now locked and is only available to municipal employees and approved licensed haulers. Others may make arrangements to have emergency septage hauled to other location with the approval of those authorities. It is very important for the Town of Winnipeg Beach to adhere to the requirements of its Environmental license, or be subject to substantial penalties from the Provincial Authorities. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Mayor and Council The Town of Winnipeg Beach

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